Why We’re So Fat Now
Paul Cantor

I really enjoyed this post Paul.

I found out from writing about health on my blog Health in the Laugh Lane that no matter what people say about wanting to lose weight or hearing about a new diet, when you write about it to help them they all run.

I found that was the same when I was writing about Diabetes. For 5 years I wrote and discussed diabetes and the only people that really listened were the ones with diabetes already. Singing to the choir as they say.

I wanted to reach the ones that didn’t want to hear.

Now I never write about diet, losing weight or anything like that. I write about lifestyles and making changes in your complete being.

It could be at work, play or anything else. There are other ways to lose weight, get fit without really trying or making your life a mess.

Soon as you start talking though to people about weight they run for the hills. Although they still ask for all the information they can get. A vicious circle.

It’s as simple as standing for a little while everyday. Or even getting up to change the channel on the TV instead of using the remote.

Go outside and weed the garden or take care of your flowers. For kids doing homework, you can shed a few calories by standing up to do some of your work. Sitting up even burns a few calories.

The Livestrong.com (minus the roids) site has a list of activities that you can do to shed calories. It’s a great resource.

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