Thanks for spotting that Mark – those gremlins get everywhere.
Colin Walker

I started using Blubrry for my It’s All Mishegoss Podcast and I like it so far. It hurt moving to a new hosting platform, but in the end I believe it will work out.

I was talking to Marc Maron who has a very famous podcast and he happens to listen to mine for some crazy reason and all he told me was to do more podcasts. Having a podcast that us under 15 minutes is good, but I should do more of them.

I am also getting ready to produce a serial podcast. I’m working with a coupe of guys from the UK who want to produce/edit this podcast idea I have. The shows will be around 12 minutes also. Seems to be a good time zone for listeners.

I’ll tell you more about soon.

I’ll listen in on yours today. Good luck and keep me updated. I’ll be listening and following as always.

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