The ignorance of expertise
Jonas Ellison

I’ve always held to the fact that no one can be an expert any longer. In this century things change so fast there is no way to be an expert all the time.

Being an expert would mean being in school or getting trained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep the title expert.

Guru, expert is a dying breed as I see it. If you brag about being an expert then you better have the paperwork to prove it.

When I worked on Wall Street in the 80's people would call me an expert on business plans and getting money. I told them there is no such thing as an expert. I am just good at what I do.

I am always learning even today. When I speak with people I never claim my way is the best or even right. I advise them to ask others and then make an informed decision based on all of the views.

This thinking I guess make me cynical, but I am tired of hearing the term expert. It’s like a four letter word.

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