Is Writing the Key?

Why do you write? Is it cathartic for you? Is it an exercise in persistence? How about writing fort he hell of it?

I write to empty my brain. From my writings, I Can tell when there is shit in the brain and when the ideas are good. Sometimes, some days it seems there is a mix of both coming out in my writings.

There are people who write for money. People who write for praise. People who write because they feel the need.

Do you ever wonder to write about? A friend who is a writer said to me one time there is something that happens in your life daily that you can write about. No matter how small or big, it’s writable.

Ben Franklin's quote today is the 110% truth for all writers to believe in.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin

Whatever the reason, just write like you mean it.

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