It’s All About Love. Contest #2

Everyone has an inner love story to tell

We’ve Gone Pink for Valentine’s Day!

Okay, my little love birds it’s time for contest number 2, and it’s all about love. I figured since it’s February and the month of love the contest should be all about love.

I’m not going to give you any smoochy stuff right now. Not that I don’t love everyone, because I do, but we need to get into the rules of engagement of this love affair that’s about to start.

Rules of the Engagement of Love

#1. The contest starts Saturday, February 4th. It ends on February 13th, at midnight. All entrants have to have their work in by midnight. No exceptions.

#2. Your post can be a story, fiction or non-fiction or poetry. Doesn’t matter although there are only two winners. One for poetry and one for stories. If I had more members, I would have had a winner for all three categories, poetry, stories fiction and stories non-fiction, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. Maybe the next contest.

Note: Depending on your work it should be no longer than Five Minutes. Actually, keeping your posts to three minutes is usually a good idea. That seems to be the desired length that readers enjoy.

Please See #3a…#3. Is Cancelled!!! Once all of the posts are received, they will be held until Valentine’s Day, February 14th, and then posted. This way everyone’s post will be on our publication at the same time and for the same length of time, roughly a week and a half.

#3a. I goofed. All posts submitted will be posted as received. Read this link for the background.

#4. On Sunday, the 26th, the winner will be announced by the judges. The judges for this contest will be Patti Clifford, my wife, Lisa Cagle our daughter and a special surprise judge, Roy Schlegel the winner from the first contest.

New Rule: The winner or winners of a contest will be asked to be judges for the next contest. Of course, as judges, you will have to skip that contest. So you may as well judge. Right?
Some Cupid Pictures to Inspire You!

Now for the inspirational part. If you check out the links below to two of Patti’s stories it will give you an idea of a true love story.

The reason I am posting these is to make you aware that there are is no subject about love that won’t be accepted. Anything and everything is game.

When you send in your posts make sure to use the tag contests 2, that way I can keep all of the posts under the same tag on the publication. You can also use other tags for your story like ficiton, poetry and so on, but make sure you have contests 2 as one tag, it helps me when organizing everything.

I want to wish everyone good luck. There is no word limit or time limit to write for this contest and you can edit to your hearts content.

Let the love flow from your heart to your fingers and onto your pages. Or just write like a mad person and get those feelings out.

Mark, Patti, Lisa & Roy

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the prizes.

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