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It’s All Mishegoss — Happy Dad’s Day #98

And Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there. How you have a great one!

Being Dad’s day and all we should have concentrated on posts dealing with Dad’s, but we didn’t. We found a few that may link to a Dad, but we covered everything and anything as always. That wouldn’t be our style and we believe you know that!

We covered a range of interesting things going on and they are worthy of being highlighted on this 2017 Dad’s Day. We’re not going to waste a great deal of time writing up here today. We sometimes need a break from thinking of cool stuff to write about and today is one of those days.

It’s Sunday and Father’s Day and we believe you should also have a break from our wise words once in a while and today seems a good day for that. Plus our Dad, Mark is wanting to kick back from writing today. So without further adieu…


Mark & Patti

Happy Father’s Day!


Coast Guard ship found after 100 years in US Pacific coast — 
 The Coast Guard Cutter McCulloch collided with a passenger ship and sank when dense fog rolled onto the Southern California coast on June 13, 1917.


NEFSC News Story: 4 Things to Help Sea Turtles 
 Sea turtles can become tangled in plastic and trash in coastal and marine environments. Fishing line, balloons, and plastic bags not only entangle sea turtles, but can also be confused with food and eaten, potentially resulting in injury or death.


The Best Places to See Monkeys in Central America 
 During my travels in Central America, I’ve discovered that the most common sightings are birds. However, if you know where to look and pay attention, you might also find a monkey or two hiding among the trees — observing you!


13 Amazing Things To Do In Cozumel, Mexico 
 Cozumel, Mexico is a dream for anyone who loves sun, sand, surf, and adventure. Cozumel is an island located off of Mexico’s southeastern most shores


Mango Tomato Summer Salad with Pork | Budget Savvy Diva 
 Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork. The opinions and text are all mine.


Top 10 Best Home Remedies to Ease Arthritis Symptoms — Up Run for Life 
 Do you have signs and symptoms of arthritis? Arthritis is a medical term for joint inflammation. There are two different types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Rip current sign1

Rip Currents: More dangerous than JAWS • Family Travels on a Budget — 
 Rip currents are present on just about every beach in the world every day. When waves break, most of the water rushes in toward the beach — that’s how we ride the waves.


Map reveals where billionaires are stockpiling land that could be used in the apocalypse

Where billionaires are stockpiling land that could be used in the apocalypse — Business Insider — 
 A new article in Forbes suggests the US billionaires are making significant land grabs in America’s heartland, where the climate is mild and the locations are conducive to survivalism and living on the land.


Feedback Loop Ties Loneliness and Selfish Behavior | Psych Central News 
 Investigators at the University of Chicago believe that as people feel lonely, the trait heightens self-centeredness which then contributes further to enhanced loneliness. Intervention, however, can help to break the vicious cycle.


How a dream led the first Jordanian to Everest — 
 In 2004, Mostafa Salameh had a vivid dream: he was praying for peace on the top of a mountain.

11 The Bonus…Driving Distracted!

The Drive: New book aims to make distracted driving taboo — 
 As researchers were ramping up their work on the dangers of distracted driving, Vijay Dixit knew first hand the pain and devastation that can occur when drivers take their eyes off the road, even for a nanosecond.

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