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7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life — Design School 
 Though doodling is not exactly a hotbed of neuroscientific and psychological research, a few groups around the world have started looking at how doodling can help improve your cognitive performance on tasks such as memory retention, listening, creativity, and emotional expression. So next time you find yourself doodling away, don’t stop and think you should be doing something useful: you are.


Yoga Is as Good as Stretching–Strengthening Exercises in Improving Functional Fitness Outcomes: Results From a Randomized Controlled Trial | The Journals of Gerontology: Series A | Oxford Academic 
 Despite yoga’s popularity, few clinical trials have employed rigorous methodology to systematically explore its functional benefits compared with more established forms of exercise.


Eating the Colors of the Rainbow on a Budget that Works! — Real Advice Gal 
 Can frugal living and living a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand? Absolutely! Being frugal does not mean living on less.


In Search of the Miracle Berry Plant | The Trading Travelers 
 We had planned for the day to relax and catch up on stories, “telecommute,” and the like. While eating breakfast at the Blue Diamond, I overheard a hippy-looking guy talking about Miracle Fruit. If there is anyone to know about Miracle Fruit, I would assume it to be a hippy-like 60 year-old.


Cranberry Moscato D’Asti Cocktail Recipe — MomDot 
 Cranberry Moscato D’Asti Cocktail (also delicious with Prosecco) is a refreshing and simple way to enjoy the taste of summer with a kick!


JanSport’s high-tech backpack gives teens a new way to express themselves — Jun. 20, 2017 
 The company has developed 300 backpacks with programmable fabric, allowing users to share a song, music video, a Facebook page or Internet link with anyone nearby.


How College Students Can Avoid Overdraft and Late Fees | NBC News 
 As if college isn’t expensive enough — and at an average $24,610 for a year at an in-state public college and twice that at a private one — today’s college students seem intent on adding substantially to their bills.


Sowing Stem Cells: Lab-Grown Organoids Hold Promise for Patient Treatments | UC San Francisco 
 Ophir Klein is growing teeth, which is just slightly less odd than what Jeffrey Bush is growing — tissues that make up the face. Jason Pomerantz is growing muscle; Sarah Knox is growing salivary glands; and Edward Hsiao is printing 3-D bone using a machine that looks about as complex as a clock radio.


People are apparently injecting themselves with blood to get high now? | Popular Science 
 A man in Bucks County, PA was planning to inject himself with drug-laced blood, and no one understands why. Read on.


How bad footnotes helped cause the opioid crisis. 
 The New York Times reported last week that 59,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016, in the latest sign that America’s prescription painkiller epidemic is only getting worse.

11-Times Are Changing


Ken doll’s new man bun has Twitter rolling — CNET — 
 Mattel on Tuesday announced 15 new Ken dolls with varying skin tones and new body shapes that include “original,” “slim” and “broad.” The dolls come with more modern clothes and a broader range of hairstyles, including the highly controversial hipster man bun.

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