It’s All Mishegoss — Sunday Edition

Welcome to the Sunday edition.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, but then again the weeks just have been seeming to fly by this year. How about you and your weeks?

Today’s edition is short. It’s isn’t sweet, though, and that’s why I kept it short. The two stories will have you thinking.

I found two stories this week that bothered me for different and similar reasons. Both of the stories have to do with our world and the future of living things. The living things in these two stories are animals and insects.

While both stories are disturbing the one about drones seems to bother me more. As much as I enjoy technology and the future of our world, this technology seems to be changing the world we live in and its natural order.

Then again maybe I’m just old and cold as the grandkids say? Who knows, but what I do know is I don’t want drones in my yard pollinating my fruit trees or flowers. It just doesn’t seem normal.

Have a great Sunday,

Mark & Patti

A Bear & A Lion-Oh My!

This story of the deaths of these zoo animals really touched my heart. It’s expected in a war to hear about casualties, but usually, all we hear about are the humans that have been killed. This time we are hearing about animals. Animals unable to defend themselves and mostly caught in the crossfire during fighting or starved.

War never solves anything as most know. It’s a necessary evil in most cases as they say. When you consider the devastation of war on living beings it makes no sense. Then add in the animals that are killed due to actions from the fighting. Whether it is crossfire or starvation due to people fleeing a region, the end is the same, death.

Read this story below to truly understand my feelings above. I found this story jut after reading about poachers in a game preserve in France that cut off a Rhinoceros’s horn. This happened in the game preserve.

The aftereffect is that many zoo’s throughout the US are looking at security measures for their animals in a different light. It’s happening locally here in Fresno with the Chaffe Zoo reviewing their security issues with their animals.

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Offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS highlights quiet efforts to save animals, cultural artifacts in war zones — ABC News — 
 When veterinarian Amir Khalil arrived at a zoo in eastern Mosul last month, just weeks after Iraqi forces drove ISIS militants from the enclave, there was little life to be found.

Bees, Bees & Drones

There have been so many stories in the news about our bee population dwindling, and what we need to do to save the bees. Then this story pops up and to be honest I’m not sure I like where it is going.

I understand we need to look at the future and the possibilities of bees not being around to pollinate, but this has gone too far as I am concerned. Drones!

When it comes to technology I get excited to see new and emerging ideas take to flight, but drones pollinating flowers and more doesn’t exactly fit the technology or flight I was thinking of. I guess maybe I’m a little temperamental when things start screwing around with living things.

Self-driving cars, drones delivering packages and now pollinating our fruits, flowers, and other plants, what could be next?

170309100033 drone tease super tease

Researchers use drone to pollinate flower — — 
 Researchers in Japan have successfully used a tiny drone to pollinate an actual flower, a task usually accomplished by insects and animals.

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