It’s All Mishegoss — Thursday #109

When it comes to news, especially bad news there is plenty of it as you know. We spend a great deal of time looking for the other stories; you know the ones that are interesting, happy, and not so terrible.

The thing is it’s hard, but we find them and share them with you, at least most of them. We don’t want to flood you with all of them, not there is a bunch, but we spread them out so sometimes you may get an older story from a week or two ago, but it’s a good one!


On another note. We were thinking about themes the other day as in themes for each day we publish the newsletter. After talking about it between ourselves we decided that the theme idea sucked. There would be no way for us to know what themes you liked, and we didn’t want to bore you with our themes.

The only thing we would like to try is on Wednesday’s giving you a story or two from history. Like we did yesterday.


We mentioned last week about a workbook I wrote along with a lecture series I ran years ago and how we’re going to add some of those tips via this newsletter. Well we still are, we’re just figuring out when and how.

I would also like to share tips on living with ADHD as I have a very extensive life with it. For over 5o years I’ve lived with ADHD and for most of that time except for one year when I was first diagnosed I lived without drugs. When I tell other about that they are amazed.

We’re not sure yet the mechanics of doing that either, but we believe it’s worth trying since more and more adults are being diagnosed with ADHD. I bet a few of you could use tricks in keeping things going day to day?For now that’s it. Have a great Thursday. See you again Sunday.

Till then,


Mark & Patti

More Stories of Sexual Harassment

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Stitch Fix Founder Katrina Lake Was Sexually Harassed by VC Justin Caldbeck, Then Coerced Into Silence | — 
 It’s the latest twist in the ugly story of rampant sexual harassment and discrimination in Silicon Valley: A powerful VC firm reportedly used coercion to silence a founder who had been harassed by one of its partners.

Electric Cars Are the Future?


France To Ban All Gas And Diesel Cars By 2040 | HuffPost — 
 Emboldened by President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, France rolled out ambitious plans to reduce its carbon footprint on Thursday.

How’s Your Creativity?

Thumbnail 20 inspiring books every creative should read

40 Books To Unlock Your Creativity And Get You Started On Your Life’s Best Work — Design School — 
 There are plenty of books available out there to read about creativity, Amazon has a whole section dedicated to it, with over 5,000 titles currently available.

Speaking of Food

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UC BERKELEY STUDY: People who smell their food before they eat it gain more weight | — 
 Those who smell their food before they eat it gain more weight than those who don’t, according to a new study from UC Berkeley.

595d14ef8e466c69352fe318 supermarket vegan plantbased

New Vegan Supermarket In Tel Aviv Is First In Israel — 
 Israel’s first vegan supermarket has opened in Tel Aviv — inspired by famous German plant-based store Veganz.

Pasta maker kent 1

Low Calorie Pasta Recipe for the Health Conscious — Trends and Health — 
 When you think of healthy food, a creamy bowl of pasta certainly does not feature on the list. The traditional pasta recipe is full of starch, cheese, and butter.

On a Personal Note

First date sergey sus

The Trick to Successful First Dates (Works on Networking Too!) — 
 Most of us dread first dates. It’s a weird combination of job interview, etiquette test, and fashion show that we submit to in the hopes that a) we like the other person and b) the other person likes us.

Don’t Mess With The Buffaloes


Bison rams, injures couple at Yellowstone National Park — SFGate — 
 A bison rammed and injured a husband and wife as they were taking photographs in Yellowstone National Park.

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