It’s All Mishegoss — Thursday #113

The weekend is almost here and this is our last issue for the week. Time for a few days off. How about you? Any big plans for the weekend?

It’s been HOT in Fresno. We mean really hot so the first story cooled us down a little till we realized how serious this could be. Ice is nice, but disaster isn’t. There is this thing called Global Warming in case you didn’t know?

Another Manson movie, oh no! This movie is being scripted by none other than the incredible action director Tarantino. Can only imagine the blood and gore for this one.

A big fish story graces our publication today. A bigger fish story than you have ever heard. hope you like fish?

Then there’s the rest of the stuff we located for you to read this week or over the weekend. Although save some room for our Sunday newsletter also.

Are you an organizer or are you organized? Are you looking to get organized? We posted a podcast with our view on getting organized. You can listen in by going to this link It’s All Mishegoss. Let us know your thoughts.

Otherwise have a great Thursday and the rest of the week See you Sunday!


Mark & Patti

In Need Of Ice

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Iceberg the size of Delaware, among biggest ever recorded, snaps off Antarctica — MarketWatch — 
 A giant iceberg about the size of Delaware that had been under scientists’ watch has broken off from an ice shelf on the Antarctica Peninsula and is now adrift in the Weddell Sea.

Oh God! Another One!

Reservoir dogs screening  2017 tribeca film large

Quentin Tarantino’s next movie will be about the Manson Family. — 
 Quentin Tarantino has finally found a way to make a family movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter: Focus on the Manson Family.

Throw Out The Roof Top Gardens Brooklyn!

Brooklyn’s Latest Craze: Making Your Own Electric Grid — POLITICO Magazine 
 When Michael Guerra, a blunt-talking Brooklyn real estate broker, installed 24 solar panels on his Park Slope rooftop in 2012 during a home renovation, all he knew was that he liked the idea of being able to supply his own green electricity

WTH? Something Worth Reading

Lenadunhamdog art h 14981920

The Saga of Lena Dunham’s Dog Lamby, the Walking Internet Receipt | WIRED — 
 IF YOU’VE BEEN online at all over the past week or so, amidst the revenge porn and the doxing you’ve probably noticed some ongoing drama surrounding Lena Dunham and something called a “Lamby.”

Looking For A New Pet?

Bigstock decorated warbonnet fish stari 26192267 decorated warbonnet fish barkley sound british columbia

Five Funky Fish that could be Your New Favourite Animals | Oceana Canada — 
 What’s your favourite animal? For most people, it can be tigers, wolves, elephants or pandas. After all, who doesn’t love mammals, like ourselves?


Britain to hold inquiry into contaminated blood scandal which killed 2,400 | Reuters — 
 Britain will hold a public inquiry into contaminated blood supplied to patients in the state-run National Health Service which killed at least 2,400 people, the government said on Tuesday.

Is Nothing Sacred anymore?

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Playground sandbox can be breeding ground for germs — CBS News — 
 Kids love to play in sandboxes, and it helps them develop motor and social skills. But have you ever considered what kind of germs might be lurking in that communal sand?

How’s Your Imagination?

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