It’s All Mishegoss — Tuesday #111

It’s a new week! How’s it going so far?

Not much to say today. In the middle of a few things, but will have lots to say tomorrow.


Mark & Patti

I’m Not Worth That Much!

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UP: Sending elderly to forests as tiger prey for compensation from government is as savage as it can get : FYI, News — India Today — 
 What if suddenly a lot of elderly folks start dying because of fatal tiger attacks? Either the tigers have targeted the old people especially or something is just not right.


Ringling Promised It Would Protect Its Retired Tigers. Now They’re Going to the Highest Bidder. — Mother Jones — 
 In 1990, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to Daly City, California, for a series of shows at the Cow Palace.

Overseas Advancement

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These Golden Bananas Could Save The Lives Of Many Children In Uganda | IFLScience — 
 Scientists have developed a new type of banana that could help the many children in Uganda who have a pro-vitamin A deficiency.

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A Refugee Scholarship Helped Woman Yemeni Scientist Escape Her War-Torn Homeland : Goats and Soda : NPR — 
 Two years ago, Eqbal Dauqan was going to work in the morning as usual. She’s a biochemistry professor. And was driving on the freeway, when suddenly: “I felt something hit my car, but I didn’t know what it was because I was driving very fast,” she says.

Business Thoughts

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6 Foolproof Ways to Start a Networking Conversation With Absolutely Anyone | — 
 You’re at a conference, a cocktail party, or even an airport departure area. You see someone across the room who could be a potential employer, customer, mentor, connection to other opportunities, or source of valuable information. You need to find a way to talk to whomever it is.

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5 Types of Online Businesses That Need Cyber Insurance ASAP | Social Race Media — 
 To the extent that all modern businesses maintain websites and have a presence on some part of the internet, every business is now an online business.

Some Things To Ponder Today


Winter is always coming for economy on ‘Game of Thrones’ — 
 From the North comes an army of ice zombies. From the East, an armada led by the “Mother of Dragons.” In the South, an evil queen plots world domination.


Goal of nation’s first opioid court: Keep users alive — SFGate — 
 After three defendants fatally overdosed in a single week last year, it became clear that Buffalo’s ordinary drug treatment court was no match for the heroin and painkiller crisis.

Good To Know

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The 6 Things Alex Honnold Can’t Live Without | Outside Online — 
 Back on June 3, Alex Honnold became the first climber in history to free solo Yosemite’s 3,000-foot El Capitan. That means he climbed the entire wall without a rope, harness, or any other kind of safety equipment.

1200 beat jet lag

How to Conquer a Red Eye Flight — How to Beat Jet Lag | Fitness Magazine — 
 As a working fitness model, my schedule is as unpredictable as the ocean itself. Over the course of a month I could find myself working in five different states and jumping back and forth through three different time zones.

The Hungry Bonus

Cheese stuffed shells in tomato sweet basil sauce miami mommy savings

Easy Cheese-Stuffed Shells in Tomato & Sweet Basil Sauce | Cleverly Me — South Florida Lifestyle Blog — 
 Dinner time is always hectic around here, between getting homework done and afternoon soccer practices. Well, there isn’t much time left for elaborate dinners. Just the other day, while pondering on what to prepare for the family to enjoy.

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