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It’s All Mishegoss — Wednesday #85

Good Day, All! Looks like we made it to another Wednesday, just about?

Lots of political stuff going on and to be honest, it’s sickening what’ happening in this world. I’ll leave it at that!

How’s your week been? For some of it’s Hump Day and for others it might be your Monday. Whichever it is, enjoy the day.

I changed a few things again this week. I went with new titles for the first two sections of this newsletter.

Other Stories in the News is well for lack of a better word, stories in the news you may not have read. You know me I’m always looking for the unread stuff for you.

The second section Life is Life is now called simply Life. Seemed to me it needed a simple yet catchy title. Life worked. Fewer words same meaning.

One thing I deal with every day is my ADHD. How many of you out there have ADHD? How do you deal with it at work or at home? If you feel inclined to answer do so by clicking the thumbs up or down below and writing a response. I’ll be the only one that sees it.

I ask this because I’ve been tackling this issue on the podcast and plan to talk more about it in the coming weeks. I found there’s an audience out there wanting to know more about living with ADHD and tricks that I use or know about. I have loads of them.

So I may be using this newsletter to discuss some tricks, skills, and way to master ADHD.

Have a great Wednesday. Enjoy the newsletter and share if you did like it. Let us know also by clicking those little guys below. The ones that look like a thumbs up or down. Either one works for us.


Mark & Patti

Other Stories in the News


Are Floating Solar Panels Energy’s New Frontier? | The California Report | KQED News — ww2.kqed.org 
 When you’re trying to generate a lot more solar power, you’re limited by the size and heft of those big solar panels.

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Slum Dwellers In Lagos, Africa’s Biggest Megacity, Are Now Living In Canoes : Goats and Soda : NPR — www.npr.org 
 At 5:30 a.m. on April 9, Salako Hunsa awoke to the sound of gunfire. He left his wife and five children inside the house, and ran out to a shocking scene: A squad of police officers shooting indiscriminately and setting fire to his neighbor’s homes.

Web 830x437 media old faucet water justice affordability 2

Water Is a Racial and Economic Justice Issue | Food & Water Watch — www.foodandwaterwatch.org 
 These days, more and more communities struggle to provide adequate drinking and wastewater services. That’s because the federal government used to be one of the most reliable stewards of our public water resources, but over the past forty years, that financial support has dwindled.



Say It Ain’t So, Dude!

Filipe Toledo banned after trying to ‘storm judges’ tower’ at Brazil surf event | Sport | The Guardian

 Brazilian surfer Filipe Toledo’s apology was not enough to prevent him from being banned and fined by the World Surf League after he attempted to storm the judges’ tower following a decision that went against him at the Oi Rio Pro event in Brazil.


The Mishegoss Files

Do it now manifesto

Why You Need to Create a Manifesto Now — thoughtleadershipleverage.com 
 If you are truly a thought leader, one who is passionate and knowledgeable about your work, then you need to create a manifesto and you need to do it now. Not in three months or when you have time to, but now. Immediately. Well, finish reading this first, then get to work.

Coverartsocialthumb 1

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017 — MIT Technology Review — www.technologyreview.com

These technologies all have staying power. They will affect the economy and our politics, improve medicine, or influence our culture. Some are unfolding now; others will take a decade or more to develop. But you should know about all of them right now.

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