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I’ve been criticzed many times, but others use the private note system. It seems to be a better way to approach someone when being critical about their work.

By the way why not show yourself? The blue headshot isn’t very flattering!

There are enough grammar police already on Medium which is why I started the publication Imperfect Writers of the World as well as Recipes.

Imperfect Writers was chosen by Medium to be part of their membership beta program due to the work we are trying to do which is getting writers to come forward and not worry about certain things, like spelling and grammar.

We have published some great writers since then and they have all made mistakes. Who cares. It’s life enjoy it while you can.

Can you honestly sit behind your screen and say you’ve never made a mistake with spelling or grammar? Come now we all do it.

I’m more concerned that you took the time to write about one word in a comment then just private message me and let me know. Do you do this for all writers on Medium?

I don’t have the time to correct everyone’s mistakes I read on Medium and don’t care. AS long as I get the point of their story I’m happy.

As I said sorry my writing doesn’t stand up to your standards, but there are better publications here and I suggest you read and edit theirs and not ours.

Thanks though for the grammar lesson and I’ll be sure to keep it in mind when I am laying in bed eating my Red Hots this evening.

By the way this is an uncorrected version. I don’t have the time for Grammarlya nd or Hemingway.

Both of these products are highly rated by the way. I don’t know where you researched your information.

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