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I guess Hemingway Editor and Grammarly is wrong then? Imagine that.

For the record, everything I write goes through Hemingway Editor and Grammarly. Neither picked that up, so I guess I am in good hands.
As for my error, if it is one, I guess you better not read my crap. See, along with Imperfect Recipes, I also publish Imperfect Writers which allows for mistakes.

We all can’t be grammar pros, and I would not want to be. I like my writing, and I guess you don’t. Sorry.
The desert was fantastic, and my story stands as is. I’m not big on correcting people either.

Sorry, you think the writing sucks. There are better publications out there with more stringent writing rules. I’m here to entertain and enjoy.

Thanks for pointing this out though so that others can learn. It is true our grammar has gone out the door, but then again the pie went into my stomach and not out the door.

You’re comment tends to inform me you are not from this country “Now instead, you — like an alarmingly large number of your fellow Americans — have become addicted to this illiteracy, to this plague on our language.”
Then you state to get “OUR” language right! Are you the literary police or something? By the way Grammarly corrected your “plague on to plague in”. Hats off to Grammarly!

I write to enjoy. I write to say something. If I don’t say it grammatically correct, I’m not sorry for it.

While I appreciate your concern for “our” language mistakes here in the US made by my fellow Americans I for one can say I’m in good company with the likes of Hemingway, Vonnegut, and even King. They’ve all made a few mistakes in their past and have lived to write and speak about them.

Enjoy the pie!

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