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Listeria, LSD, Edible Insects, 87 Years Old Bones and more

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Mann Packing listeria recall includes Walmart, other brands | The Fresno Bee — www.fresnobee.com 
 The massive listeria-inspired recall by Mann Packing across the United States and Canada is even broader than originally reported. Store brands from Walmart, Aldi, Safeway/Albertson’s, H-E-B and others are affected.

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Silicon Valley’s Best-Kept Productivity Secret: Psychedelic Drugs | Inc.com — www.inc.com 
 Psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin, the active chemical in hallucinogenic mushrooms, are having a moment in the tech community.

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Edible insects next superfood? CRICKETS and ants snacks | Daily Mail Online — www.dailymail.co.uk 
 Edible insects are touted as the next ‘superfood’ — packed full of protein, nutrients, potassium, magnesium and three times more fatty acids than omega-3 in salmon.

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Jikka, the fairy tale dwarf home for Japan’s seniors — CNN Style — www.cnn.com 
 Viewed from afar it looks like something magical: A fairy tale village, a group of dwarf houses, or a tiny music festival.

10 the village of igiugig performed a traditional yupik blessing dance following the reburial of their ancestors. credit  avery lill wide ebb05df30b7552272cd5a05b100e80bb49d630d0

After 87 Years At Smithsonian, Bones Of Alaska Natives Returned To Bristol Bay : NPR — www.npr.org 
 Anthropologists once excavated the graves of thousands of Native Americans. Now museums in the U.S. are slowly working to return those remains and funerary objects to tribes.

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