Losing Weight in a Good Way

We Don’t Need No Stink’n Diets!


A year and a half ago I weighed in at 275 pounds. I was in poor health. My diabetes numbers and my heart numbers were all out of the ballpark.Examples like cholesterol over 400. Triglycerides over 1000. Blood glucose average a!c was 11. Numbers like that.

I hated diets and the word diet. I knew I had to change my lifestyle, but everyone I talked with including my Doctors said either go on a diet or get surgery.

I didn’t want anyone cutting my stomach up or anything else. No lap band that had to be filled or emptied depending. I didn’t want to see part of my stomach get taken away either.

So I happened along on the internet and read some of Dr. Dean Ornish’s ideas about dieting and losing weight. In Dr. Ornish, I found someone who understood about dieting and people not wanting to diet.

His idea was to eat what you want within reason. Use your head about foods you consume and most of all pay attention to how you feel as you begin. One last thing that was most important in this journey was not to expect things to happen as fast as you want. Have patience and it will pay off.


Today I weigh 215 pounds as of this morning. To get there, I had patience unlike any other time in my life. I waited and waited like waiting for our grandkids to be born.

It took time, energy and loads of paying attention. I spent hours sometimes weeks reading and understanding the foods I craved and how to cut back. Everyone had ideas on the internet and in person. I figured out my own.

Forget using a smaller plate. You can fill it up as much as you want. Forget little portions because you can always add more. It simply came down to this; I want to feel better. I want to walk without pain in my leg or heart. I don’t want to take as much medication for my heart and diabetes as I was.

It was simply mind over matter. Food matter, medication matter and me matter. I didn’t care how long it took. I wanted to fit in clothes I hadn’t worn in years. I stopped buying stuff and waited.

I watched what I ate. I didn’t give up pasta or bread like they told me too. I ate less. I would leave it on my plate. I would walk away or in some cases just not eat that because I could have a salad and feel okay.

I just wanted to feel okay after eating, not stuffed. Not sick. I wanted to feel just okay enough to say, “I feel better.”

As time went on, I didn’t take as much because it was my choice, not some diets choice. I didn’t listen to the Doctor who said eat less or don’t eat meat. I ate meat as I wanted. Over time I would eat less meat because that’s what I wanted.

That’s was the key. What I wanted not everyone else. Patti, my wife, went along and never said a word or criticized my actions. She let me eat whatever I wanted. If I ate to much, she would just let it go and not say “See I told you so.” It was me that said that.

If I wanted ice cream, I had it. Bread with butter on it, yes! Whole milk, yes! Greasy fried foods, yes! I knew enough though to cut back. They made me feel bad.

I can’t give you a diet to follow because I didn’t follow one. I followed how I felt and where I want to be in my life. I have a family. I have loved ones who care. I have a great life so why not take care of me my way.

Find that spot in your life that you need to follow. Find that spot and enter it into your mind and go for it. Reach for it no matter how long it takes. Food is nothing more than food. It isn’t your life. It sustains the life you have, but you can go without a great deal of what you and I eat.

Never think diet. Think lifestyle. Think life in general. Think feeling good. Think doing things you haven’t done in years.

I have an easier time walking. I do more now than ever, and I am still losing slowly, but it comes off daily. Don’t worry about a day or two of being up on the scale. Just remember as time goes by and you keep at it the pounds will go back down.

Some weekends I cheat. Who cares. By mid week I lost the weight, I gained. Not by diet. Just going back to feeling okay. Don’t stress over pounds gained. Don’t stress over pounds not lost. Don’t weigh yourself daily. I usually do it once a week. Maybe twice if I know, I went overboard.

That extra weigh-in is to see what I did and what I need to do. This isn’t a diet. This is eating for you. Eating to enjoy, but not to excess.

If you want to know more let me know and I’d be glad to chat with you about some of the things I was up against. Remember it’s an on going journey till you get to where you need to be.

Be Well

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