Mark, since I already put in my credit card for a monthly payment, what happens with that?
Mike Van Horn


When you joined I had already posted about the changes. We are sitll going ahead with the slack channel and everything. If you feel that this isn’t what you signed for I understand if you want to stop.

I would like to keep you on board and I believe you are in California so the Sicialan food temptation isn’t far if I am correct? I’m in Fresno!

I do understand that my first post way back talked about content being special, but then I thought it over and felt everyone should be able to read everything the writers on here post. It’s about writing and that’s it.

I still think we have loads to offer and the newsletters now and in the future along with the contest will reward very well and in some cases Sicililan food. LOL

Again let me know and I undertsand.

Here is the post dated on the 27th:

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