Morning Mishegoss Minutes — Issue #19

It’s Tuesday. I’m sick of Trump, the elections and everything else on that topic that is taking up quality news time. All of this BS makes it hard to bring together a good newsletter.
Anyway enough of my ranting. Today I tried to do my best on covering everything and anything besides the damn elections and outcome. I have had enough.

We lost another great musician last week; Leon Russell went to the big band in the sky. If you don’t know him, then I suggest you check him and his music out on YouTube now!

Along with Leon, we lost one of the premiere newscasters in the business, Gwen Ifill passed away this weekend from a long illness. There is more about her in the newsletter.

I covered the other stuff I like to find like business information, a little health knowledge, a Hellen Keller quote that fits most of us along with a picture for you to dream on.

I covered some business ideas for you from Stone Temple Consulting as well as some concepts about waking in the morning and dealing with pink all around you.

I thought an update on a Netflix series would be a good subject to read and I added a health link at the very end.

Whew! I think I covered it all so have at it and have fun as always. See you tomorrow for Hump Day!


RIP Gwen. You Will Be Missed

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Gwen Ifill, Journalist and Debate Moderator, Dies at 61 — The New York Times — 
 Ms. Ifill reported for The Washington Post and The New York Times, covering Congress, presidential campaigns and national political conventions.

Netflix May Get An Updated Series With This?


‘Making a Murderer’: Judge Orders Brendan Dassey’s Release Pending Retrial — 
 Steven Avery’s nephew will be supervised by authorities while he mounts appeal

Waking Up In The Morning!

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So You Think You Can Be a Morning Person? — The New York Times — 
 For those who fantasize about greeting the dawn, there is hope.


Another Great Loss To The Music World


Leon Russell / A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall — YouTube — 
 From Leon Russell & The Shelter People, released 1971. Classic Dylan cover.

The Story

Leon Russell Dead at 74 | Pitchfork 
 Southern rock luminary Leon Russell has died in Nashville at the age of 74. He passed away in his sleep, according to a statement Russell’s wife shared on his website. Russell was in the process of recovering from “heart bypass surgery in July” one of his representatives told NPR.

Be On Top Of You Business with Mark and Eric

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Authority and Content: Why They Are Sustainable Competitive Advantage Builders — 
 Video explains why building high authority and great content for your site help you build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Real Men Like & Wear Pink

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A Visit to the All-Pink Restaurant at the End of the World — 
 We went to Pietro Nolita two days after the election.

Forget Calgon. Take Me Away Venice!

Burn Fat By Eating This & Not That

Fat loss foods

Fat Loss Foods: Top 11 Fat Burning Foods — 
 Eating the right foods at the right time is crucial & it is the safest way to maximize fat loss. Read our top 11 foods that help your body running in top form.