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Morning Mishegoss Minutes — Issue #24

Welcome Back!

I know you’re probably not in the mood to hear that or be all happy and excited about Monday, but what the heck it’s a short week. So be happy!

I’m keeping the newsletter short and sweet today. Figure you have enough to handle with it being Monday Morning. Right?

I have some changes I am working on and a new survey I will be posting this week for everyone to answer. It’s a way to help me out for the coming new year.

I’ll also be doing a podcast this week for the holiday and sharing it here for everyone listen too.

By the way, just a heads up on numbers for this newsletter. We are still at four subscribers. My goal if to get more readers of course and I could use some help from everyone. The more you share, the more there is a chance other will see this newsletter and subscribe.

The only thing I can offer you for your sharing is a huge Thank You. I hope that will do for now.

Have a great Monday. Thanksgiving is almost here.

My health Guru Dane Tell You How To Dump Negativity

17 ways to remove negativity from your daily life

17 Ways to Remove Negativity from Your Daily Life — 
 Health improves when we eliminate negative self-talk and think more positive thoughts. Here’s how to remove negativity from the soundtrack of your own mind.

Thinking & ADHD

I don’t normally post my own stuff, but I really want to get this out there and see what others had to say.


Where Do You Think? — mark-john clifford — Medium — 
 Thinking is part of our lives. It is something we do daily without even thinking about it. Ideas come in and out of our brain throughout the day, and we either act on them or forget about them…

Have You Been Hacked?

Getty 542725393 2000133320009280250 117720

14 Signs Your Smartphone or Tablet Has Been Hacked | — 
 It’s critical to take action quickly, but most people don’t recognize when it happens. Here’s how to tell.


I Remember When All Of This Happened. Now Look!

Screen shot 2016 03 19 at 11.48.14 am

Eerie Drone Footage Shows New Chernobyl Sarcophagus Nearing Completion — EnviroNews | The Environmental News Specialists — 
 (EnviroNews World News) — Chornobyl, Ukraine — As the 30-year anniversary of the catastrophic nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl rapidly approaches, the site still remains a huge threat to Ukraine and bordering Belarus, but also to the planet at large, though many people remain very unaware of that ominous fact.

On The Home Front


3D Sensors To Make Your Home Smarter And Safer — 
 A 3D imaging sensor that can see through materials, liquids and other objects may help your home be safer and smarter.

Now That’s Serene!