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Hello All and welcome to Tuesday. What are your plans for today and the rest of the week? Anything exciting?

As for me, I have news for you today that I hope you like and support.

This newsletter as of next week will be going to a once a week publication. At this time it seems to be the right decision after speaking to a few friends and mentors. I know as for me I enjoy when a newsletter is once a week so I thought others would like that also.

This will also be the last week that I post the newsletter on the publication It’s All Mishegoss on Medium. It seems counter productive to post here and cross post there. I could be wrong, but I want to see how it works out.

These two ideas are trials. Nothing is ever in stone in the world of Mishegoss, but I hope you will support these current changes and go with the flow. I know I’m going to try.

As for the newsletter today, it’s all here in its glory ready for you to check out, click on the links and read. You’re welcome to comment also on the publication page or to me personally at

Thanks for supporting me and my work, and have a great Tuesday.

Science News Worth Sharing

Bird with laser goggles img 9648.0

Brave bird wears goggles and flies through a laser for science — The Verge — 
 To the brave bird willing to wear goggles and fly through a laser sheet: we salute you. Thanks to you, we know a little more about how you and your kind fly. When birds lift off, their wings…


Technology is making us feel more alone. Is a return to volunteerism the answer? | World Economic Forum — 
 Today, on International Volunteer Day, we face a paradox. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made us more connected and globalized than ever before, yet it is also shaping an age of civic disengagement.

Global Warming Meets Global Cooling

Gty al gore 01 as 161205 16x9 992

Donald Trump Meets With Climate Advocate Al Gore — ABC News — 
 Gore also met with Ivanka Trump.

Holiday Life

Important life lessons holiday movies can teach us f

Holiday Movies With a Message You Must Watch This Season — 
 Watching holiday movies with the family is great entertainment, but movies with a lesson can be very meaningful and foster good family discussions.

Traveling? You’ll Want To Read These!

05newport1 facebookjumbo

Newport, a City That Loves Its Mansions, Shudders at Its Newest One — The New York Times — 
 Residents of the Rhode Island community — home to some of the nation’s grandest estates — are balking at the construction of a home with a futuristic design.

Starbucks places with internet wifi

Find Free Wifi | Best Travel Hacks | TravelingMom — 
 Being on the road doesn’t mean being disconnected. Read on to learn 25 great places where you can find free wifi. You may even eat a cake pop.

Holiday Gift Ideas


10 Stylish Stocking Stuffers | A Listly List — 
 Looking for something small but mighty this holiday season? Check out this list of amazing stocking stuffers! | Pamper Yourself Now Women’s Deer/Mo…

Your Christmas Song: Courtesy of Chicago


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, a song by Chicago on Spotify — 
 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, a song by Chicago on Spotify

This Makes All The Sense In The World

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