Morning Mishegoss Minutes — Issue #37

Hump Day is here. A few days away from last weekend and closer to this weekend.

How much Christmas Shopping have you accomplished? I bet your sick of hearing about it, so this is the last time I will mention it. Promise!

I may not mention shopping, but I added some ideas for Christmas Gifts. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Two posts that I would like you to check out are actually three new people I want to introduce you too. One is a well-respected writer about organic food and living Max Goldberg. Max and I both went to Brown, but I didn’t meet him there. I met him online. He is my go-to person for all organic living.

Next are the husband and wife Aaron & Sarah Charles both writers on Medium. Sarah writing on Cooking with Sarah and Aaron writing on the same and his own profile. You will not go wrong by trying their recipes including the one I mention below.

Of course, there is a Christmas Song from Tony Bennett, my favorite along with a picture to ponder with a quote.

Then there are the little extras I add all the time.

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Have a great Hump Day and see you Thursday!


Password Securtiy

Do you worry someone hacking your password? I don’t know about you, but I am forever changing my passwords as added protection. I don’t really know if it helps, but so far so good.

Read this article and see if you follow any of the safeguards thy recommend?

Password attacks

Password Attacks — How They Occur and How to Guard Against Them — 
 An in-depth look at the tactics hackers use to obtain your user credentials and passwords in order to gain access to your data and how to thwart them.

Holiday Gift Ideas

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Meditators, Mindfulness Junkies and Brain Hackers — 
 Meditation is the 3rd most popular goal on Coach and we’ve helped 109k people start practices (so far). That’s why I wanted to write this piece. The rise of meditation is for good reason. Meditation…

Food Ideas & New People

Aaron and Sarah Charles are a husband and wife team I follow on Medium. There publication Cooking With Sarah is always full of great recipes that I always want to try.

The one below is one of my favorites right now. Yes I do and I made it know to Sarah that I am going to get right on this recipe and cook it up, so to speak.

Check their publication out for some great recipes and stories. I am sure you will enjoy it and follow it like I do.
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Recipe 38: Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches — Cooking With Sarah — Medium — 
 This is one of the many recipes that Aaron and I want to share with you. We are overjoyed for you to come with us on our journey as we put together different concoctions and laugh together (all while…

Max Goldberg is my organic Guru.

I haven’t found anyone else that knows as much and to be honest that I trust with my organic news on food and living.

His website Living Maxwell is the go-to for anyone learning about organic living and eating or already immersed in the organic community.

My Sicilian Grandmother would say “You can no finda betta!” I would say that an understatement.

Read his review below of a new organic market in the LA area you need to visit.

Check out Max’s site and let him know I sent you there.
Erewhon cold pressed juice fridge

Supermarket Spotlight: Erewhon in Los Angeles is an Absolute Must-Visit Destination | livingmaxwell: a guide to organic food & drink — 
 In my Supermarket Spotlight column, I write about the organic market Erewhon in Los Angeles. This is a special and unique organic supermarket. Read why


Cranberry pecan crostinis fb

Cranberry Pecan Crostini Appetizers — The Gardening Cook — 
 These cranberry pecan crostini appetizers make the great party starter with a cocktail or two and are also wonderful with a small salad to start your meal.


Winter Wonderland from Tony Bennett


Winter Wonderland, a song by Tony Bennett on Spotify — 
 Winter Wonderland, a song by Tony Bennett on Spotify

Holiday Tidbits For You

Merry 20christmas 20ii 20you

The 15 Best Christmas Albums | Glamour — 
 From Ariana Grande to Kylie Minogue, here are the 15 best Christmas albums: pop edition. Get ready to dance and feel festive.

Katy perry twitter

Most-Followed Celebrity on Twitter 2016 — 
 Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and more rank as Twitter’s most popular people to follow this year, in a near-repeat of 2015.


Closing Thoughts In Pictures & Quotes

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