Happy and Suicidal
Natalie Rogers

Natalie, thanks for sharing. I’ve done the same as you on Medium. In some cases I’ve met some great people who care and have been through the same. That’s the good ones. Then there are the ones that need to vent about how I should feel guilty even for thinking of suicide.

I’ve heard it all for 30 years. I’ve made a few attempts. One was very committed and if it wasn’t for my Wife finding me due to her love I would not be writing this. That was two years ago and it seems like yesterday.

I think about that action everyday. I think of how I would never had seen my grandkids again. Of course I think of that now not when I took action. I didn’t care that day. Life has a strange way of letting you know you matter. I keep learning even at 61 that life matter and everything around you makes it happen.

Take care and hope you stay on the track you’re on now. It’s a hard but worthwhile journey we live. Just know you matter as much as everyone else in this world.