On a Sunday Morning Thinking

What are you thinking about right this minute? Come on spit it out and write it down. I want to see what you’re thinking about and then I will let you in on my thoughts.

Well, I’m waiting. It’s taking you a long time, so I better get going with mine. You can catch up with me later. Just know I’ll be waiting for your thoughts.

My thoughts are all tied up today about life, love, living in this world and dealing with how short life is. Really. Have you ever thought about life in the sense of minutes, seconds or less?

Life is wonderful. It can be full of love, like and more. The thing is all of that can go away within a nanosecond, and you will never realize what you lost.

You’re gone how can you? You’re sitting in a chair at your desk one-minute texting away, and the next your head hits the computer keyboard, and the person on the other end is mad you aren’t answering. They have no idea you just died and if they do what can they do about it at that point?

I’m not trying to be a downer today. I’m asking you to think and look at the reality of life. Life is short enough, and then it can get shorter in the blink of an eye.

It could be health, accident war or a President who is hell bent on alienating everyone on this earth. Yes, I’m talking Trump.

What I have learned is life can be shorter than you ever imagined and you need to take it by the balls and live it now not later. I mean it there is no time like the present. You’ve heard that before, right?

Although the present may not even be fast enough to enjoy some things about life you want too. That’s because a nanosecond is faster than the present or at least to me it is.

To say life sucks isn’t fair. Most people love their life and are happy with what they have. I can say that I am happy with what I have. I may not be happy with what the outcome could be in a few minutes, hours or weeks, but hey at this very second, I am happy and in love.

This post could go on and on about life and living a wonderful life which is what it’s all about, right? But, what if we decided to live a purposeful life when we know times are coming to a close?

Forget what we need or want. What about others? What can we do in our moments of despair to help others see a better future? How can we help others to see the purpose and what it means to us?

To me, it’s now about purpose. To show others the purpose in life and how they can pay it forward at the right time. When is the right time? That’s for them to decide. That’s for them to figure it out and then do!

There is no right or wrong answer. Well, I guess there could be a wrong answer if you wait till after you die to spread purpose. It’s too late. Don’t be fooled. The time is now while you are walking, breathing or doing something else.

Don’t let the time slip away. Don’t let others dictate your purpose or your wants and needs. Take the bull by the balls and do it now! Do it before something happens you can’t turn back.

Of course, this is my Sunday morning thinking. This is me being the me I want to be and not the me others want me to be.

Watch out world I’m coming with purpose.

By the way I’m still sitting here waiting for your thoughts! Bet you thought I forgot? I don’t have time to forget.

Enjoy your Sunday like I am doing.