“Love & Mercy” - Brian Wilson and the Myth of Creative Genius
Paul Cantor


Great post. I grew up listening to the Beach Boys due to my Dad. He was a fan from when they first came out.

When kids my age were going nuts for The Beatles and other rock bands I was grooving on The Beach Boys and learned to surf on Cape Cod.

From Cape Cod I went to Long Island and then the Jersey Shore. Surfing and The Beach Boys were a way of life.

As I grew older I learned more and more about the band and its members. I even had the opportunity to meet Dennis Wilson prior to his death, which was an experience I will never forget.

I met Brian Wilson years later after he had rid himself of his Therapist. I had been asked to consult on a few financial issues with his financial advisor.

Meeting him was a thrill and he was the gentleman I was told about by my friend his advisor. He had already gone through all of his issues, but you could still see the light in his eyes when talking music.

I was always amazed how many records he had produced by the age of 23. Ten records in those short years.

The movie was fantastic and I have seen it four times now and am ready for one more dose of it before it goes to DVD in September.

I’m glad you enjoyed the movie and next time you are looking for a video to watch, catch the video on You Tube of Brian and his band playing Pet Sounds in the UK. It’s fantastic.

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