Saturday Morning Review — Issue #11

There have been some new changes made this past week, and I hope you like them.

The first one is the style of presenting the content. Less writing and more linking. I was doing more commenting on links then I should have. So now there may be a leading title for you and then the link. I believe that’s enough?

Next is the look and the name of the newsletter. Instead of Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning, I scaled it down to Morning Mishegoss Minutes.

Also deleted the large “M” and the mouse for what I think if a much better picture to look at.

I trust you will enjoy the changes and the newsletter. Looks never make a publication better, but it helps. As for content, it’s not always insane, but it’s always mishegoss.

As always thank for reading and sharing.

Don’t Try This At Home With Nachos

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Border agents foil attempts to smuggle meth in tortilla shells, carrot packages and mufflers | Fox… — — 
 In one week, smugglers tried sneaking meth into the United States in tortilla shells, carrot shipments and Honda mufflers.

When Will It Stop?

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This is a new terror threat for three states prior to election day | Circa News — Learn. Think. Do. —

My Favorite Writer Anywhere!

I would like to have said I was my favorite writer, but that’s much of a pat on the back. So without further pause here is my favorite writer anywhere.

His name is Ellison, Jonas Ellison. Sorry Jonas couldn’t resist doing the James Bond thing.

He not only is a great writer, but also a great dad and husband. I could go on saying all of these great things about his writing and why you should be following him, but I will let his writing speak for itself.

You can find him and his publication Higher Thoughts on Medium. Make sure to tell him I sent you. I may get a commission. Only kidding!

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The experience behind the experience — Higher Thoughts — Medium — 
 Many of us are looking for ‘religious experiences’ these days. We’re seeking places and events that make us feel… more alive.

When it Comes To My Health

I don’t listen to many people when it comes to my health and healthy eating. This includes my Doctor. Although there is one person who I rely on for great information and recipes.

In the past year reading and following through on ideas from Darya has helped to lose 50, that’s right 50 pounds without killing myself or using the word diet in the house. See that word diet is a “4” letter word outlawed in our house.

So if I was you and you are reading this then read Darya also.

Foodist podcast sm 650x650

How to Get Back On Track When Your Good Habits Stop Working | Summer Tomato — 
 Ashley’s new habits were working great until she had a shift in her work life that enabled her to work from home.

What About Global Warming?


For every ton of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere, we lose 32 square feet of Arctic sea ice. | Grist — 
 That’s a sizable slab.