“That’s Life. That’s What People Say.”

Thanks to Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon and of course the Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra.

Life has never been predictable, at least for me and I wouldn’t want it to be. I enjoy my life of unexpected changes nad perils. It keeps me awake on an otherwise boring day.

I always tell Patti that if I ever say we have a boring life, slap me hard. to this day, it’s never happened.

What is it about life that makes some people not want the unexpected? Not want change?

Change is good and needed. Change is something to embrace and look forward to. It’s what keeps us staying young and in the groove.

The unexpected is the parts of life that keep us guessing. Who really wants to know the future? I mean it might be good in some cases. but what if it’s negative?

Let’s live life as it should be lived. Don’t choose your life, live it. It’s more fun!

Christopher Walken’s quote for today if perfect for living a life and not choosing one!

Your thoughts?

At its best, life is completely unpredictable.
Christopher Walken