The Bartering of Ideas

I’ve noticed quite a few stories of companies either start-ups or ones that have been around for a while that barter services. I think bartering is such a great idea instead of money for the ones that just can’t afford it.

But, what about ideas? How many people have ideas that just never come to fruition? How about a writer that has too many ideas of stories in their head and maybe will never use them? Could; they be bartered for something?

I’m concentrating on an idea right now. Ideas for technology, writing, and business for now.

Lets’ combine technology and business for now. Thin about ideas that have never come to market due to not enough money or not enough time. Maybe it was even persistence. Whatever the reason what if we just lost the better way to slice bread or the better mouse trap? Wouldn’t it be great to see that?

When it come to technology or new business ideas, the cost of starting some of those ideas is prohibitive for people. So what if they could barter the idea for something else that they need? What if they could trade a position for something else?

I know it sounds crazy to give up your idea, but wouldn’t it be better to see it out there helping people if that’s what you intended instead of sitting in a drawer never to materialize? I think so.

Let’s turn to writing. I could always use an editor, but cots keep me from getting one. What if I could trade a story or two for an editor to look over my current work in the hopes they can use my other idea and get it out. I want to see it in print but just can’t seem to get it right.

If they like it and want to barter I am all for it. If they want to trade, let’s do it. I run into times when I am flooded with ideas and just can’t use them all, but people tell me they want to see me get it out. I don’t. Just can’t seem to get it together.

Maybe if I give someone else a chance they can do it justice, and I still get to see my original idea blossom and help others. Or maybe it’s just a simple story for others to enjoy at least they get to see it.

I believe bartering could be a good way to get more writers involved in the process if there is a give and take for everything that has to do with writing.

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts!