This Makes Our 60th Issue. I remember when I hit 60!

Ah! Sunday is finally here and you get to hopefully kick back and relax some today?

Remember the days when Sunday was made for that? No working on a Sunday, God forbid. You visited with the family and enjoy a fun day of food and talk. Not anymore.

Now Sunday’s are just another day like every other day in the week. There isn’t really a day anymore for just hanging out except for your customary day off. That isn’t like the old days, sorry.

Neither is the stuff going on in this world. Nothing is the same and every day it seems to get worse. I’m not even talking about politics. Not yet anyway.

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I kept the stories down to four today. That’s correct “4” important stories I feel should be read.

Two of the stories have to do with global warming and they are very serious. It seems if anyone out there still believes there isn’t an issue they should get their head examined. Including the new administration. Sorry I had to add that.

The next story is about the continents. How many continents are there in the world? Seven, right? Well, that’s about to change and so are the history books. I won’t tell you more. Just read the story.

The fourth story about Dad’s and toddlers bonding. I read this and wondered how this played in the mind of a grandparent. I’m going to be paying more attention to this in the coming months and will keep you updated.

Finally, I added a story I posted on my publication The Life of Papa on Medium. I haven’t been doing a great deal of writing except for the contest going on in my other publication Imperfect Writers of the World, also on Medium.

I decided it was perfect timing to add this post after reading the bonding post. Hope you enjoy it? Plus, it was added to a magazine on Flipboard titled appropriately, Minecraft. Go figure.

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Enjoy your Sunday and stay dry! It’s raining cats and dogs here in Fresno.

Mark & Patti

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Antarctica Just Shed a Manhattan-Sized Chunk of Ice | Climate Central — 
 The growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf is the most dramatic example of change in Antarctica right now. But it isn’t the continent’s only frozen feature changing in a warming world.

Sea Ice Hits Record Lows at Both Poles | Climate Central 
 Arctic temperatures have finally started to cool off after yet another winter heat wave stunted sea ice growth over the weekend. The repeated bouts of warm weather this season have stunned even seasoned polar researchers, and could push the Arctic to a record low winter peak for the third year in a row.

Earth has a new continent called ‘Zealandia’ — ABC News — 
 We’re taught in elementary school that there are seven continents on Earth — Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

How dads bond with toddlers: Brain scans link oxytocin to paternal nurturing 
 Fathers given boosts of the hormone oxytocin show increased activity in brain regions associated with reward and empathy when viewing photos of their toddlers, an Emory University study finds.

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What I wrote:

Minecraft, Playtime, Homework! — The Life of Papa — 
 Remember the days of how wanting to do your homework so you could go out and play with your friends? Maybe go to the corner store for a soda or ice cream? Or later it was meet your girl at the mall…