This Thought of Writing a Book

It just won’t leave me alone

The thought haunts me daily. From when I wake up at the crack of dawn till I fall sleep in the early mornings.

I keep going over ideas. Hours and hours of thoughts running through my brain about ideas I believe will be good to write.

Then I wake up, and those ideas seem stupid, dumb, no substance to them and anything else I can come up with.

Does it always go like that for an author? Is it something they or you deal with every time you are ready to write?

I’m not looking to be the next New York Times bestseller. I just want to write something that makes a difference. I want to write something that helps someone.

Doesn’t have to be profound or eloquent. It needs to be practical. I can do practical. I think?

What I think of is who will benefit? Will the people I write for find the book interesting or helpful? Will they want to tell their friends about it?

Topics range from ADHD to Grand Parenting, From Business to Personal. See lots of ideas and not sure where to go with them.

If you have any feeling on these topics, let me know. I would be interested to read what you have to say.

This is not a sales pitch either. This ebook I write is and will be free. That’s right it isn’t about the money right now and never will be.

Or maybe it’s time to say screw it and move on and enjoy writing on the blogs? The hell with all of this thinking and over thinking. Right?

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