Thoughts of a Mad Scientist & or Publisher!

I have this idea for a new publication. A publication along the lines of Imperfect Writers of the World only it would let writers, journalists, and others to write stories about events going on without being edited.

Stories that need to be told, but other publications are afraid to publish or refuse to publish due to content. Of course, if the content is harmful, racist, porn, or anything else we deem to be harmful to people, animals, and everything else won’t be published.

I know I said unedited, but I mean the stories. Contributions will be looked at for content. If that content is harmful in any way, it will not get published. If it is controversial, that’s totally different.

Want to write about race wars, fine as long as you aren’t biased. Let’s be real. As writers and journalists it’s important to get our stories out, but let’s use our heads also about what we want to write.

What I am Looking For

Think of this as a freedom of press magazine. Freedom to write about news stories that are troubling you. Although if you are a hater or someone like that forget it. Write because you have something noteworthy to say.

I am looking for writers, journalists that have to say something, but can’t in their regular publications. Or maybe their story has been bumped from publication due to their political interests. We don’t have any.

A Name

As for the name of this publication I am still working on that. If you have an idea, post them in the comments section.

This publication will be about what’s going on now in the world. I would like to see stories about politics, government, society, technology and other subjects. I want to read and share your thoughts of the world today with others.

If you like this idea let me know in the comments section and if you’re interested in writing for a publication like this. My hope is to make this publication a subscription publication so you the writers and journalists can get paid.

Photo Journalists?

If you’re photo journalists I, would love for you to share your photos and stories with us. Why not right?

By the way if there is something above that doesn’t make sense please feel free to let me know including how to correct it. I am not the best at being eloquent. I’m just trying to get a point across.