Thoughts on Life

Close your eyes. Now visualize you’re dying or dead. How do you feel at this moment?

Strange, right? I don’t want you to stop visualizing yet, though. I have more for you to do strange or not.

Let’s think about death and life. What’s the difference to you? To me, there are some distinctive differences, besides the obvious. I mean there have to be differences right?

You know the obvious ones, so I will let them go. Let’s take the ones that are not as obvious, like love. Love is a major deal breaker when it comes to life and death.

You can love someone to death, but can you love someone to life? I’ve never heard of that one. I have heard you can love someone in life, through life but not to life.

Oops. You can open your eyes again. Sorry for the delay.

Looking at the term loving someone to death. Most times I know they don’t mean they love a person, so they die. But, you have to wonder who thought of the saying “I Love you to death.” Those are the best of terms to use.

Of course, if you said I would love you till our death, then we’re talking. There is some great meaning in those words, and they should be taken with great feeling and given with the same great meaning.

I am notorious for saying and writing stuff that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t express my true feelings. It’s a major problem. Although when it comes to love, I am usually great at getting my words correctly.

But, then ask me to explain something I stated or wrote in the wrong way, and the discourse that goes into explaining that statement gets more mumbled and jumbled till the point of myself or the person I love to get completely frustrated. It happens more than you know.

I have tried and tried to fix it with thinking before I write or speak, but for some reason, it doesn’t work. I always think about dying and wanting to make sure whatever I say when I die to be perfect, so I don’t have to explain. Christ, I may not have that much time.

Close your eyes again and visualize this scene. I’m on my deathbed attempting to tell someone how much I love them and somehow my statement has to do with death and dying, so it doesn’t really seem like I love them.

Of course, before I die they want an explanation, and as I am trying to take some last breaths, I am also trying to explain the dumb statement I made in my last minutes.

It doesn’t work, right? It never will and is not intended to work. So you die without ever explaining that stupid statement you made that ruins the scene.

Your loved one isn’t sure how you feel about them, and you move on to your new life without ever helping them to understand your true feelings of love for them.

I could go on and on forever, but suffice it to say life, dying, and death are a mofo that we have to face as well as our loved ones have to face no matter of their age if they are to understand life as it is.

As for death and dying understanding comes with age. As you get older the idea of death, life and dying all starts to make sense as part of this nutty word we live in. It helps us to understand that the supreme being if you believe in one can have a crazy sense of humor at just the right time.

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