Thoughts On This Publication

A better title would be “Thoughts On Where I Would Like This Publication To Go!

Imperfect Writer of the World was an idea I had a while ago. I’ve told the story about its origins before so I won’t bore you now. If you want to know about it let me know and I will email you.

What I do know is that this publication has been helpful to a bunch of writers, wannabe writers and others who want to try things out. Writers who want to test the waters and push the elusive publish button without fear of criticism.

Well, here we are at the crossroads of where and how a publication can grow and help people at the same time. We have writers. We have a platform. We have the ability to be great at what we do.

What don’t we have then? It’s easy, followers. We have 244 as of today, and I think that is great. Is it enormous? Heck no. Is it better than some? Yes. Then what’s the issue?

I believe we can be bigger, better, cover, and help more people than we are doing now. I believe we can cover more topics. We can have more writers and more stories being published daily. We can do much more to make writers better, more recognized, and more enthused about writing for this publication.

This publication is not about writing poorly as others have mentioned. It isn’t about making and leaving mistakes. It isn’t about mocking the writing process. Far from it to be honest. It’s about honesty and writing what’s in your heart and soul. Writing hat you believe in and being able to post it without any fears. Be who you are.

Now the big question is how do we get to get where I described earlier? Great question and one I’ve been pondering for a while now. I have ideas and will list them in a bit, but this isn’t a one person job. It’s up to all of us if you care and want so see this publication grow. Remember if it grows, we grow as writers.

Here is a little list to ponder
1. Broader Articles
2. A Better Navigation
3. More Publicity on Medium and other social media sites
4. Posting a sign-up form at the end of posts for everyone ( 
5. ???
6. etc

So feel free to hit me up with some ideas, opinions and what for, ifs and when. Also if you feel this is a tireless effort let me know now.


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