Time & Steve Jobs

Time. Vision. Purpose. Steve Jobs. Many people have hated him and many more have loved him. Then there are some that envy him. No matter what you feel or how you feel this man made a difference in this world that everyone can recognize.

I met him years ago before he left Apple. He wasn’t what I expected. I heard he would be short with me and not listen. Instead, he was very engaging and listened. He taught me something that I thought I knew, how to listen closely.

This quote I picked seem to fit the first day back to work for many in the New Year. If you started before, Monday sorry I missed your start date, but this will still make an impact in your life.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
 Steve Jobs

In thinking about this quote at this very moment, I consider the fact that I am so called retired due to disability but spend a lot of my days writing, editing and more. So I do value time. It is all we have left and in some cases, some of us don’t have that much time left to accomplish our goals.

Watch your time. Occupy your time wisely and never forget that it is a commodity many of us take for granted. Don’t!

Originally published at It’s All Mishegoss.