We Have a Winner!!!

No use waiting. It was unanimous

The Chicken Yard

by Mal

I know I said I would announce tomorrow, but why wait? Plus I have something important I’ll be posting tomorrow so please watch for it.

As always these contests bring in the best stories and poems for us to judge and each time it gets harder and harder to pick just one winner.

In the end, we can only have one winner and it took us some time, but we finally all agreed on The Chicken Yard by Mal.

If you haven’t read it you really should. Like right now! Then you’ll see why it won.

Congrats Mal on being the winner and winning the Grand Prize, a $10.00 Starbucks Card for your enjoyment.

(Contact me at markjohn1@mac.com so I can confirm and send it to you via email.)

Thanks to everyone who entered. If we could give everyone a prize we would. We say that with every contest, but we mean it.


Mark, Patti, and Lisa

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