What do I Have Against Coaching and Motivational Speakers? Selling Dreams!

The other day I did a podcast about coaches and issues I have with most coaches out there. I didn’t include motivational speakers, but in the past I have.

The email questioned me about my reasons voiced on the podcast about coaches and coaching in general. We’re talking life and business coaches, not sports coaching by the way.

My answer to this person was the same that I relayed on the podcast. It has nothing to do with most coaches. What gets’s me is coaches who believe that their certificate gives them more knowledge than practical knowledge.

I framed my answer by telling a story about a 30 something year old who a year ago approached me and wanted to coach me. He was trying to sell me that he would be the perfect life coach for me.

At 62 I wondered how he thought he could teach me something. Not that I know everything, but I know I a little more about life than a 30 something-year-old. I hope anyway?

He told me all about his education. Where he went to college, his jobs in life and what his life was. He went on to explain about his certificate from a prestigious coaching program.

After listening to his rambling I asked him to elaborate about his life experiences to which he replied with a canned answer that his life is nothing like mine (he didn’t have any idea about my life yet), but he was qualified due to his training to work with anyone at any age at any stage of their life.

Shoot, I’ve been asked for the past 15 years to coach people, and I don’t feel I could help. I probably could, but there is little doubt. Plus I have no certificate.
Well this went on and on when finally I told him to get more experience in real life then call me. I’ll be dead by then.

I don’t don’t have issues with coaches or motivational speakers. I do not like it when they sell you a dream. Tony Robbins is a great motivator, but you’re not him. What he sells is his way of doing things. If you don’t convert it to your way, you are bound to fail. Which is something you never hear at his seminars?

I don’t mean to pick on Tony either. I like him and respect his work. He is not the only one out there selling dreams, though. They are all over. This includes coaches who tell you about their extensive schooling at some coaching program and that they can help you yo be a better you.

Don’t bet on it. Before you waste any money on someone like that, talk to someone who has been in the trenches with no certificate, with or without a college degree and talk to them. If they won’t, find someone else, that will. Don’t buy the dream.

You can do more for yourself than you think. You can help yourself more than you could ever imagine. You may need a boost or a little guidance and plan, but you don’t need salesmen to do that. You don’t need a person with a certificate to do that. What you need is a real person who tells you like it is.

Take it from me it works. If you want to know how well, get in contact with me and I will tell you how just another day when I worked with someone for an hour or so things changed. I mean it. That fast and things were in order again, and life moved on.

Be Well.

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