My Showerhead is my Microphone

Where Do You Think?

Thinking is part of our lives. It is something we do daily without even thinking about it. Ideas come in and out of our brain throughout the day, and we either act on them or forget about them. Sometimes we write them down for consideration at a later time.

What I see is thinking is happening around us all the time. Where you think is the question I am considering in this post. Do you think while taking a shower? Do you think while sitting on the throne in the bathroom? Where do your best ideas come from?

For me and I think many others may agree my thinking happens in the bathroom. Throughout the day every time I go to the bathroom for anything I think while in there. I can’t explain it either. It’s like as soon as I close the door my mind goes into overtime.

For someone with ADHD, this can get pretty confusing during the say. Never mind in the morning when I am showering or at night when I take another shower. My mind starts as soon as I hear the water blasting from the showerhead. It’s a curse in a way.

I can’t describe the feeling I get when water is hitting me in the face and thoughts are going through my brain at the same time. It’s an exciting part of my shower, but then again it can be frustrating.

Most of my blog posts come from my showers or my so called constitutionals. Numbers one and two lead to three, four and five ideas. Not necessarily related to number one and two. At least it has happened till I decided to write this post.

I find my best thinking and working out ideas happen when I am showering or handling other business in the bathroom. I don’t know about you, but that’s me.

What I find frustrating is if I don’t get out of the shower to write down my ideas I lose them as fast as they came into my brain. They last as long as the shower or the other thing I’m in the bathroom to handle.

What I decided recently is I need markers or crayons like the kids use, you know the ones, to keep my thoughts in order and remembered. How can I forget them when they are on the wall of the shower or worse on the wall in front of my throne, so to speak.

As for the wall, I must admit I have not written on the wall yet in fear of what would happen once Patti saw that. The shower wall is about it, and I can wash that off pretty easily after the shower.

The thing is I have those thoughts documented, and I can write them down as soon as I am done. Take a lot of frustration away from me using those markers. Has anyone else tried this?

The past few days I’ve been thinking of a new publication I wanted to start to give others a voice also on Medium in dealing with ADHD on a daily basis. I find that my ADHD is hyperactive in the shower. So I started to wonder about others?

My plan is to create a new publication that can act as a repository for ideas you get or create while in the shower. A place for you to come to and write your ideas down and share if you like with others. I find that some of my ideas are too much for me to handle, but they might be good for someone else so why not share? Right?

Then again if you are just looking for a place to write about ideas to get them out of your brain, then this publication could be the place. It could be the publication for anyone to write about living with ADHD and how you handle it. It could also be a publication to help others deal with living with ADHD. Maybe it helps the people who live with someone with ADHD understand better what we go through on a daily basis?

Where this publication goes will be up to the writers who get involved. Everyone is welcome whether you have ADHD or not, but I see it being a very positive and progressive publication for the people with ADHD.

So stay tuned to my profile, and I will get the word out as soon as I get this thing all worked out. Okay?

By the way, if you do use crayons or markers in the shower which ones you have found to be the best?