Why I want to work with Biz Stone and Jelly

I’m 61. I’m old and cold as my grandkids say, but that is the furthest from the truth.

I retired due to disability, but I get around when and if I have to. I having quit on work or life yet.

I own and edit two blogs and host two podcasts. I also write here on Medium and for another blog called Pure Blogging.

So why do I want to work with Biz Stone? Because I do. He comes from my hometown of Massachusetts. He has to be a great guy, right?

I have followed his career as well as Ev Williams. I believe Biz is what I would call an innovator for the future. His dreams and ambitions are coming true and more will come true throughout the years and I would enjoy contributing to those dreams.

I’m not a tech guy I admit that. I’m good with people. I know markets. I’m able to reach people and bring them together.

I hosted an online chat for three years on Diabetes Awareness Day. Each year we hosted a 50-hour marathon bringing people together over a weekend to chat.

Years one we had 50K, year two, 125K and the final year 250K attended, took part and hung out for 50 hours while we ran around our house entertaining guests all hours of the day and night to keep the chat going.

I want to work with Biz because I still at my age have something to offer and how better to offer it to then the future. I believe that’s Biz and his ideas.

So @bizstone if you’re reading this, how about we chat. For everyone else reading this, how about helping me out by commenting and adding Biz in your comments so he is mentioned and reads this.

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