PastaIt’s What’s For Comfort and Decisions!

Yes, It’s Comfort Food

How could you think that Pasta isn’t comfort food? Whether it’s high in carbs or not it is still comforting and here to stay as well as growing in the communities throughout the world.

It isn’t just happening in Italy or other European locations. It’s happening right here in the United States of America, baby and it isn’t going to stop.

It doesn’t matter the type of pasta either. Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Gnocchi, Cavatelli, Fettucine, Bucatini and many others. Just ask around to your friends and see which pasta they like? Which pasta helps them to relax or in some cases make decisions.

For me, it is either Bucatini, Gnocchi or Manicotti. Who can pass up a good plate of Manicotti stuffed with ricotta and spices when having to make a rational decision or trying to calm down?


Seriously have you ever used pasta as a comfort or thinking food Bee honest now and let me know. If not, isn’t about time you try it?

You may be wondering what is so good about pasta that it can do all of this? Well, look at all the super foods that help your brain, your heart or other factors in your physical and mental being.

If super food can do all of these health and helpful things fro your mind and body why can’t pasta be included? I know there is a concern about the carbs, but when it comes to comfort and decisions, it’s tie to throw the carbs out and get down to business.

Grab a bowl of just plain old spaghetti and sit down and mangé away. Or maybe a bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo just to fill that inner want for cheese and more cheese. Come on you know you want it?


Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, seriously. Really. Pick a rainy Sunday or a rainy evening. Maybe it’s a cold day, and you just want to kick back and relax. Pasta is there for the taking.

I can even go one further. Just get some Pastina, and add a slab of butter to it and chow down. Pure bliss. There is nothing like it on a Saturday afternoon in the rain. I mean it. Give it a try sometime and let me know.

Enjoy the pasta and the relaxation it brings. Along the way feel free to make some decisions that you’ve been wanting to make and know it makes it easier to do so on a stomach full of warm pasta.