The Humanic Operating System: Part 3

How does it become real?

Mark Johnson
9 min readJun 21, 2017

Looking for Part 2? Building a Better Digital Companion

Can a Humanic operating system become real? How feasible is it as a concept?

In exploring the idea of a Humanic Operating System, I’d like to question the feasibility and realities of how it may come to be, and begin a dialogue with you to determine next steps.

Neat idea, but how does it make money?

A great and important question. The answer can vary depending on intent, feedback, and execution. An even simpler way of answering this question is this: It’s up to you. That’s not to say I have no idea, I have some idea. However, I’m a designer and an entrepreneur, not an economist. An economist would be better equipped to answer this question. I am however…the one writing all of this, so here’s a few thoughts, ideas, and considerations.

1. By abstracting the functional components of any given application or service, we create a larger pool of capable workers, customers, and paths to new revenue models.