The Declaration Of My Independence

So here I am, about 9543 miles away from home, in the trendy neighbourhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn (yeah, thats how BRKLYN is actually spelt) finally writing my first Medium post. I had meant to initially write down my thoughts on completing my first internship at BonAppetour, but that didn't happen even after interning in three different startups.

So what am I writing on this time then, you may ask. This is my declaration to keep me accountable for the goals I set for myself in this one year that I'll be in the city that never sleeps. For the countless New York minutes I will spend outside of work and school. And for the amount of sacrifices my girlfriend, family and of course myself, had to make just so that I could be here on this journey. Now, I am a responsible for my own learning as opposed to a structured curriculum in school.

My hostel room in Sheares Hall back in Y1S2. Credit to my girlfriend for designing and helping me to cut the outline

So, these are my specific goals for this NOC experience:

  • Be proficient in SQL
  • Be comfortable in writing React-based code
  • Be comfortable in Swift and iOS development
  • Get my first prototype out that I would eventually pitch to investors
  • Learn basic conversational Spanish (to be explained why in possibly a future post)
"Dude, what has that got to do with me?"

You are probably asking yourself that question at this point in the article. I would like to think that most of my readers (if I do even get any) don't know me personally enough, so all I ask is that you comment on my post to check up on my progress. That way you are helping or nudging me to get my sh#t together. And if I had been distracted, that would serve as a whip to get me to focus on my goals. I have until 6 August 2018 to complete those 5 bullet points. So thank you for helping me.