The Solution To Design Thinking
tim malbon

The whole article seems to be a sense of self-rationalization.

“It’s a shame we have to use words” — the question is Why?

The term — Design Thinking is fine for what it is. You should read the September 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review, it is dedicated to “The Evolution of Design Thinking”. Before trying to rationalize new definitions of perfectly apt words or phrases. I realize this is a new schema among new companies to ‘Brand’ themselves with a capital ‘B’, but changing culture is evolutionary and not something that someone can simply write an article about and KABAMM its real.

I like the idea of “making” as the a precedent to fact or proofing something to be true. But this is not a new idea. Prototyping and failing often is inherent to design. I’m sure when they carved too deeply into the first wooden bowls made, they may have realized, through their effort, it would make a perfectly good colander with the addition of more holes.

I agree with the fact that technology and media have added much more complexity to “the stack” of developing new products, but this does not take away from the complexity or the past development of pre-digital technology.

As a designer (with a small ‘d’) I am sometimes afforded the task to think big, and sometimes not. In the end design is a process, and requires multiple steps of doing and thinking and often including some form of making. Whether you add the word ‘thinking’ to it or not does not change the essence or understanding of design.

  • Mark Klein
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