America, I have always looked up to you and been a fan — I still do and am!
Nina Gómez

This piece holds as much water as the tweets of Ferrara and labor icon Doris Huerta that said Sanders supporters were saying “No speaking in Spanish” at a Nevada Caucus. Video footage showed the tweets to be brazen lies- pro Hillary propaganda. Sadly shameful, as Ms Huerta is a hero looked to by generations.

Clinton’s record is clear regarding her support for the Honduran coup and her disregard for democracy there. But be sure to read the hardcover version, it was left out of the paperback Women and children have been extremely hurt by Clintons support of Honduran oligarchs.

Haiti is another scene of Clinton disregard of democracy and embrace of oligarchs.

The record shows Clinton to be bad for women and children, really, bad for world peace.

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