Many of those who voted for Trump did so because they wanted “change”.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Ah Victoria, that’s a beautiful name. But poetic in verse? Nothing sounds quite the same. Poetic by itself, and sexy to be sure. A name with a “secret”, a lake of Azure. A name that’s ruled subjects from here to Pretoria. But there just are no words that rhyme with Victoria. Kudos to mom and dad for the name of “Principal”. With so much behind it you might feel invincible. But don’t get hyped into fits of euphoria, cause there just are no words that rhyme with Victoria.

If you will do a little investigation you will find that the collapse of the housing market was the root cause of the great recession. The housing market collapse was initiated by a glut of mortgage foreclosures heaped upon the financial industry in the form of derivatives. The “everybody should be able to buy a home” mentality of the democrats and bill Clinton was great for the economy until the market collapsed from the weight of all those who could not or would not pay their home loans. Watch George Bush warn Congress of the impending disaster here:

Watch Bill Clinton take credit for legislation that initiated this entire financial crisis here:

Learn for yourself and stop believing everything the democrat propaganda machine known as the main stream meadia feeds you.