Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

I couldn’t say this better myself. It broke my heart to return my new macbook pro 15" fully upgraded a few weeks ago. Why did I do it? The same exact underlying reason you write about. Let’s face it, that oversized track pad and the touch bar are not designed for usability, they are designed as a feature.

I decided it was better to spend the money fixing an old Apple product and cross my fingers that they get their Mojo back.

Seriously though… when you invest in an eco system…. you want the ecosystem to work together. (I’m upset about Magsafe!).

I understanding pushing the industry away from the headphone jack, for instance. I get that. But why would you release a Macbook Pro that doesn’t easily allow the new headphones you got with your iPhone 7 to work out of the box.

They’ve gone to dongles. And more than that, they now nickle and dime you for everything.

Steve’s big role was making it easy. So easy a grandma could learn to use a computer in minutes (I know for a fact, I was there!). Now you have to pay for the extension cable for your Macbook Pro. You have to buy a 100 dongles to connect to your projector…. or…. or …. or ….. anything, really.

I will continue buying the products, but the luster and zeal is gone.

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