Employee referral programs are killing diversity in the tech industry
Alexandre Kaykac

You “deliberately” didnt touch ethnicity which is interesting because most tech companies, while predominantly male without a doubt, are nearly half Asian.

And you use as your benchmark investment banking which is literally 80+% white, while also being predominantly male. That’s the example of a “great meritocracy” and of “amazing diversity every year”? Seems like this analysis is carrying some extreme bias.

There are other industries, meanwhile, that are in fact predominantly female. Publishing, nursing and K-12 teaching come to mind. In addition, more women than men do choose to stay home and raise kids, like it or not, so the distribution cant be expected to be a perfect mirror of the population.

That said, if we’re going to collectively decide that the goal is “perfect distribution across industries” regardless, *how* is that supposed to happen?

Maybe this hypothetical magical AI can be like the sorting hat and just *tell* you where you’ll be working based on where there is a gender or race disparity to be filled?