memes made easy: how-to add text to iPhone photos

original film photo “speedy cat during a slow time” by mark l chaves | #35mmfilm scanned negative with text created using iOS 10.2.1 built-in photo editor

Last week, a client asked me how to add text to their iPhone photos. I don’t like to reinvent the wheel (I try to avoid writing up instructions from scratch), so I did a quick search. After sifting through three or four pages of search results crammed with how-tos for specific commercial photo apps, I gave up. “Dang,” I thought, “how could this be?”

I put together this simple how-to using iOS 10.2.1’s built-in photo editor. That’s right — you can do this quickly without downloading a free or paid-for third-party app. I thought I’d share this guide because a few others told me they had no idea that this was possible.

The first step is to open an image in one of your iPhone photo galleries. Then, follow the graphics below.

voilà — your first meme is done

The original how-to guide was published on Pinterest.