Why Composition Matters — Fashion Photography 101

linda mark
Nov 5, 2017 · 3 min read
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Super model Nadya Lavrenova

It does not matter how great your idea was, as low-class composition can easily dull down the entire image. However, when you set a scene perfectly, it can change the entire world. Keep in mind that composition is how the viewers see the images. As they are not there to take in the entire thing, they will only be able to view what you show them. Which is why you need to offer them something that helps them take in all that you experienced. This is why composition matters in photography, and why photographers need to pay more attention towards the matter.

Today, photographers have over complicated the easy methods of composition, which is why many feel that it is something that they will be unable to achieve. To help you our, I have listed down the process I follow, and I feel it can help you get on the right track as well!

Simplify — Start by simplifying the scene, the more you think on the matter; the overly complicated it will become. As a photographer, your brain picks out the main subjects you wish to highlight. So once you have locked in on those you need to take images that highlight the subjects your brain did when it first viewed the scene.

Frame — Always fill the frame in the perfect proportion. As adding too much or too little to it will take away from the image. So use the zoom on your lens, or move a bit around to get the perfect result.

Ratio — It might be appealing to take all your images horizontally, but make a change and snap some vertical shots as well. Keep on adjusting yourself, and try a few different things. Keep in mind that you can easily crop them later, so take a chance.

Middle — Some photographers feel that everything should be in the middle. However, placing your models in various spaces can really help create a stunning image. So get rid of the boring old style, and make a change.

Lines — The biggest issue with poorly composed images is that it leaves your viewers with a sense of confusion. As they do not know where to look, so you need to find a focal point and focus to build your image around it. Use line control to ensure you can control the way people view your images.

Diagonal — If you are looking to add a touch of flair to your images, then you need to break through the calm feeling you get from vertical images. Making a simple change can completely change the image.

Background — Just because you are shooing models, does not mean you should only be focusing on them. Keep in mind that your background is as important. So you are required to frame accordingly.

These easy to follow methods allows me to compose my images in the perfect way possible. It might be easy to break down the habits you have built, or the notions that are set in your head. However, the sooner you get things set on the right track the better it will be for your career.

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