Who am I kidding?
Donna Pailor

Donna, you’re overthinking. If you’re actually writing to finish the challenge and grow as a writer then it doesn’t matter what others say about it. But of course we’re all interested in what evaluation others have of our work, it’s vastly important to us, and that’s just professional and not just ego. I just submitted a review of a concert to my editor for publication on an online review magazine. She changed things in my review to fit the magazine style and changed a few grammatical things, which I’m fine with, since I’m just now learning the style of the magazine. My work (which btw is unpaid, just for the fun of writing and getting comp. tickets to great concerts) is there to inform readers of the magazine about current concerts, goal of being descriptive, not critical. OK, maybe too much about me, but you’re just fine in your writing no matter what one reader meant in that little word, ‘still’.