Intro, and what we love to hate
Amy Storrow

Hi Amy! It’s great to see you changing gears. I’m trying to do that some now as well, though a bit less radically.

You and I both started our careers when the predominant planning method in business was what is now known as “waterfall”. I work in software, and over the decades an alternate planning method known (or disparaged) as Agile has become predominant in the tech world (inspired by the Toyota methods of the 1980s on). I have to say I struggle with *doing* (despite recognizing some clear advantages) it while my younger colleagues seem to have internalized the “new” way. My habits and ingrained perception of self and team and work all seem at odds sometimes. The old dog *is* learning, but it’s sometimes a struggle.

If you’re interested I can talk to my group and arrange some time for you to observe and perhaps ask questions about the method and how people feel about it.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you find.

  • Mark
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