The SciBabe is Neither Scientist Nor Babe: She’s Bullshit

“I rubbed more sweaty, fat backs than a towel boy in a gay bath house.”

Did Chirobabe really need to fat shame and be homophobic in the same sentence?

“She essentially has the same credentials as every Uber driver from India.”

How absolutely necessary was it to be racist and classist too?

What seems necessary is that Chirobabe provide a counter argument to SciBabe. [For the record, Chirobabe is referring to SciBabe, not Science Babe. Science Babe is an entirely different internet personality. Which, well, speaks for itself.]

I dunno, it seems like she could provide some evidence for Chiropractic working, which, sad to say, she doesn’t. A LOT of anecdotes and A LOT of straw men and red herrings. No research.

My advice: next time you rush to shoot the messenger, take more careful aim so you don’t hit some innocent bystanders.

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